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Engaging the reader with care.

If you can add something to a story – with care, without changing it – then you’re enriching the telling, engaging the reader in a fuller experience.

For me, as a book illustrator, engaging the reader is all about story – the visual story that fills the space between words within a text.

Why re-tell what’s already been told with words?

Careful study and depiction of facial expressions for example, can tell a lot about the intentions of a character. Even with the simplicity of brush and ink lines (as illustrated below) – the eyes are engaged in the reading of a book. There is an upturn of the lip, perhaps a thoughtful raising of the eyebrows. Even the position of the book itself is held high, somewhat masking this character’s face.

This raises questions. What is the character reading? Why is she so engaged? Will it be revealed on the next page?

And so a story may progress throughout a picture book, both revealing and withholding information as the story dictates, to move the reader on. ©Annmarie Scott


Detail of ‘Alice reads’ illustration, by Annmarie Scott

This post was written in response to The Daily Post prompt : careful

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